Things We Fear

They are not uncommon to be found down winding country roads. An abandoned, broken down home that at one time was the abode of living people. Families. Humans with every day problems and dreams. This one particular cramped dwelling I have passed many times, and each time the morbid curiosity tempts me to stop by and step inside the dark, doorless entrance. My mind begins to play out what I'd see as I imagine tiny dust filled beams of sunlight engulfed by the darkness, debris, spider webs, some shredded objects that might resemble a recognizable piece of furniture or broken picture frame. But worst of all I imagine finding a living being inside... some deranged drifter taking advantage of shelter or perhaps an apparition of some sort. Recognizing that it is private property in combination with my fears I pulled my car over to the side of the road to take the photo simply from my car window in haste, then drove off continuing to entertain my fears.

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