Video Highlights


Here are a few noteworthy music videos collected.  Everything else can be found via my YouTube page

People Running


Another video that is humbling to share, and in fact I kept hidden from the public for much time but now I look back at it with some intrigue as it was all improvised and just... well, I think my YouTube description said it best: "improvised - very weird performance.  Not sure what's going on here, it was an odd mood.  Just a documented moment of being musically stoned."

Night Drive


This little synth jam is a great demonstration of the elegance of warm, analog synth sounds.  While it's easy to crank filters up with distortion, etc., sometimes taming the beast can yield much more favorable results.  I think this muted, somewhat dissonant patch I did on the Korg MS-20 is one of the best sounds I've created with it.   

Combined with some footage of my travel through Baltimore one night.



Somehow this trance-like jam I did ended up being posted on a 3rd party site which led to a flood of hits and responses (many negative) but my performance and effort is worth sharing.  With over 5,000 hits, I say it was worth it.


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